Military Organizations

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The Wandering Ones - The Wandering Ones are a band of “noble” mercenaries that roam around where help is needed. They only take contracts that live up to their ideals, but still they are businessmen and won’t do it for free. That being said they’re price depends on who’s asking. A lord may have to pay them in gold, but a village fighting off some rogues could pay them in chickens. They aren’t the most powerful mercenary group, but they’re known for their loyalty and virtue which helps make them more renown. It also helps that many lesser nobles and 3rd or 4th borns from great lords join them seeking adventure, fortune, and glory.

The Blood Wolves - This mercenary group is known for their ferocity and sheer strength on the battlefield. They only take the very best fighters and often only the ones without mercy. They are without a doubt one of, if not the, most powerful mercenary groups out there. They almost always succeed at what they do, but they don’t come cheap. Not many, but high lords and extremely rich merchants can afford them.

The Remnants – The Remnants are more of a ragtag militia than a mercenary group. They’re the leftovers, the ex-con’s seeking atonement, the exiled, the upstart peasant seeking adventure, and the penniless noblemen attempting to reclaim their family’s fortune. Though they are unwanted they are reliable and get the job done. They’ll take any job they can get no matter how tough and they always follow through. They’re also cheap as hell compared to the rest of the mercenary groups.

The Blessed Defenders – This is a group of faith militant knights who, under control of the Empire and the Church of Aldar, “defend the faith.” THey make sure no one undermines the virtues and worship of the Church.

The Imperial Army – This is the Empire’s Army. It’s big, it’s bad, it’s imperial, baby

The Order of the Crimson Lance – This ancient order was once widely renowned as one of the most successful and virtuous knightly orders throughout Aldar. They were known for the strict code of conduct concerning honor, kindness, and valor.They have since fallen into relative obscurity. They’re mostly made of hedge knights and lowly nobles, who try to continue the legacy of the once widely regarded knights. They carry a crimson lance and a their heraldry is two crossed crimson lances on a gray field. The following are their tenants:

  1. Always assume the best of people. Give them the benefit of the doubt. You never know what they've been through. 
  2.  Always help those in need if you are able. If you can't provide them with physical aid give them advice, money, or help them find someone who can.
  3. Always engage your enemies with honor. The only true fight is a fair fight.
  4. Always defend those who can't defend themselves. Be a shield for the innocent.
  5. Always keep your body and mind sharp. You sword and shield are not your only weapons.
  6. Always speak the truth. Lies only lead to more lies and eventually you are bound to be found out.
  7. Always take the path of peace when possible. Diplomacy comes first. Bloodshed should be the final option, but it is something necessary.
  8. Always respect another's beliefs as long as they do not harm others. People come from different walks of lie and may have different values and beliefs because of this.

Military Organizations

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