Session #3

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Session #3 (January, 20th, 2017)

Gm’d by Josh

A week after the events most of the group left the beach to begin establishing the permanent settlement up the river. They left a small outpost on the beach for receiving shipments, new residents, and to keep a general lookout on the coast.

During this week interlude, Solara (Sam) was attacked by some wildlife on a patrol. It was a small venomous snake-like creature, with two front legs with flaps that could turn into wing-like structures allowing it to glide. Since there is no known version of this creature on Dresuin, the Old Continent, Solara dubbed it the Sail Snake. It’s venom caused Solara to have intense pain in the wound, but it didn’t cripple or seriously maim her. She easily dispatched of it.

Lazarus, the head laborer, whose job it is to organize the workers and assign tasked made a labor group out of Solara, Doran (Mike), Sirrin (Grant),


Why this no finished? Also, I love that these are here to refer to. I wouldn’t mind taking turns on leaving descriptions of each session we play. :)

Session #3

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