Scuttling Through the Forest

Session #4

About 2.5 weeks into the expedition. Work has begun on the Settlement. Most are still sleeping in tents, though permanent buildings are under construction. Critical to this construction was a new lumber mill being built on the edge of the Great Forest. Several days into construction, the men working on it returned to the Settlement. All were injured and one was missing, supposedly taken in the middle of the night. A small posse, comprised of of Asa (Kimmi), Turin (Josh),  Passa (Dom), Deputy Corrin, and Amber and Bill's characters whose names I currently forget, was sent to investigate, with Asa having the secondary objective of assessing the damage to the equipment at the Mill.

It wasn't long after the group arrived that they discovered the entrance to a strange tunnel large enough for them to walk through two abreast. Noting the drag marks and small bits of blood here and there, it was obvious that the missing woodsman had be taken down into this tunnel. While following the underground passages, the group came to a fork in the road. In one direction they could see sunlight and resolved to check it out after finding the missing woodsman (the blood and drag marks led in the opposite direction). 

Eventually, the party came into a large chamber with an extremely strange creature living within. Dubbed the Cave Scuttler by Asa, the creature seemed like a cross between a giant centipede and giant scorpion. At over 20 feet long, the beast was a truly terrifying sight to behold. It was hovering over the missing woodsman protectively, but attacked when it noticed the group. During the battle, our heroes learned why Walter (the Woodsman) had been taken. Baby Scuttlers came slithering out of his body, joining their mother in attacking the intruders. After a grueling battle, the party was victorious, even managing to heal the woodsman thanks to some skilled potion making on the part of Bill's character.

Heading back, they resolved to check the branching path that led out to sunlight. Not far from the entrance of the burrow, they stumbled across the remains of a camp. Obviously this had been a camp of some of the explorers previously sent to survey the continent, but despite their tents and supplies being mostly undisturbed, there was no sign of the explorers. Turin found a beat up journal, but before they could search the campsite further, the group was attacked by what appeared to be a man covered head to toe in rags, wielding a long wicked looking knife. In a flash, the assailant badly wounded Passa and also managed to completely incapacitate Corin with a nasty slash across the belly. After inflicting these wounds, the man ran. Asa and Turin gave chase, with Asa taking shots at him to try and slow him down. After Asa delivered a crippling shot to the man's knee, Turin finally caught up to him, burying his axe in the head of the prone man. As Turin landed the killing blow, there was a Wumph and flash of light where his axe connected. The next thing anyone knew, all that was there was a pile of rags where the man's body should have been.

Nobody was sure what had happened but between Walter and the serious injuries the others had suffered, they were in no shape to stick around and find out. With it getting dark, the group decided to take shelter in the half built mill, but their adventures weren't over yet. 

Early the next morning, Corin noticed some strange sounds coming from outside the mill. While he couldn't see what was making the noises, whatever it was sounded big. Turin was the first to wake and rather than wait for the rest of his companions, went to investigate on his own. As the rest of them were waking up and getting ready to go and back him up, they heard Turin yelling. Rushing to their friend's aid, the party found him on the ground having his face licked by a large creature. It was reminiscent of a buffalo, but with large ram-like horns, and disturbing goat-like eyes that moved independently of each other like a chameleon's. Most importantly though, they seemed extremely docile. Even friendly. Sensing an opportunity, the group rounded up the beasts and herded them back to the settlement to be used as beasts of burden. The Gruffalos didn't seem to mind.



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