Scouting the Settlement

Session #1 - Day 3?

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Session #1 (January 11th, 2017)

GM’D by Josh

Doran Vaokor (Mike), a half-elf alchemist and member of the Brewer’s Guild, Corrin Oakfield (Dawn), a roguish hobbit and Deputy Marshall, Sirrin (Grant), a human wizard and skilled cartographer, Asa, a human gunsmith and engineer, Solara Zol (Sam), a human barbarian and member of the Bloodwolves, and Griffin Samhradh (Christian) a half-elf wizard and member of the Seekers are all selected to scout out the chosen place for settlement to see if it’s safe.

Traveling with them is the human Tony Urbanista, Asa’s boss and the expedition’s head of town planning and development, the half-elf, Sebastian Urbanista, Tony’s morbid nephew and an expert surveyor, the human, Fantasia “Fanny” Fidelius, the slightly senile, but extremely able farmer, and the dwarven Gwenever Longstalk, Griffin’s veteran partner from the Seeker’s and sultry temptress. They also had a small contingent of guards.

Before leaving for this scouting mission, the group heard news of an expedition boat containing a contingent of 40 capable Legionnaires being destroyed before arriving. There are no evident survivors.

During the party’s trip to the chosen spot for settlement, they heard a group of voices calling out for help in Aldarian, the common tongue. Knowing of know natives, they thought it could be some explorers that were sent here previously that went missing. They formed a search line and cautiously approached them. It turned out these were a group of predatory animals called Wargs. They looked as if a hyena and dire wolf had bred. They were able to imitate human speech to an eerie degree. They attack the party, but were dispatch. The party had no casualties.

When they reached the chosen location for settlement Fanny, Tony, and Sebastian quickly went to work and eventually approved the location. While they did their work, the party explored and discovered a strange metal hand poking out out the ground. They found it was connected to something that was buried. After unburying it, it seemed to belong to a large steel statue and it had a faint magical aura to it. It was what the university would call a “Construct.” Basically, it’s a magical golem which is a statue made to come to life and due the spellcasters’ bidding. After a few moments it came to life and began to attack the party. After it was defeated, it exploded. The fight and subsequent explosion took the lives of two out of the four guards that came with them. Doran kept the intact head of the Construct after purchasing it from Sirrin who recovered it. There was no signs of anymore Constructs, magic, or spellcasters nearby.


Important points (TLDR):

  1. Group of 40 Legionnaires died in a storm before arriving, their boat destroyed.

  2. Party went on expedition to approve chosen settlement location.

  3. Party attacked by Wargs who can imitate speech. THey were defeated.

  4. Settlement location reached and was approved.

  5. Party unearth magical metal Golem called a “Construct”

  6. Party defeats construct, but loses three guards.Head of construct is recovered intact.

  7. No other signs of Constructs or magic found in the immediate vicinity.



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