The Nations

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The Aldar Empire


  • Ruled by the great great great grandson of an Emperor (Human) and Empress (Elf) who were originally nobility from two separate nations. After marrying, they united their nations into one larger one, and set out to bring as much of the known world as possible under their rule.

  • Most small nations who joined the Empire did so “willingly”. A few were forced to join due to trade embargos and steep tariffs, several were taken by force. The current Emperor, however, has stopped the expansion originally wrought by his ancestors.

  • While the Emperor has absolutely executive authority, the various states of the nation are represented in the Aldarian Senate. Senators are “elected” officials, although that term is used loosely due to the amount of corruption inherent in their system.

  • Most Senators are bought and paid for by various powerful factions throughout the Empire. Most guilds, churches, and other organizations have at least a few Senators in their pocket.

  • The Capital is known as Aldaria, but is typically just referred to as “The Capital”

  • While there are many powerful organizations in the city, none hold as much power in the city is the Church of Aldar, the sun god. They work closely with the Emperor and are well rewarded for it.


Gastiele, The Free Nation


  • Gastiele is made up of a dozen states, each with their own elected governor. They guide the nation through a ‘Governor’s Council’.

  • Gastiele does have a queen, though she is mostly a figurehead. She sits on the Governor’s Council, but is only afforded a vote in the event of a tie.

  • Gastiele is a very diverse nation, having taken in thousands of refugees fleeing from the Empire’s expansion.

  • Science and Reason are the two driving forces in Gastiele. Gastiele University is the foremost bastion of knowledge in the known world. While a fair number of their citizens are somewhat religious, the nation itself is not.

  • Due to their technological and scientific prowess, Aldar was never comfortable trying fold them into the Empire. Too many free thinkers and more importantly, too many cannons. While gunpowder exists throughout the world, few outside of Gastiele have been able to weaponize it on an effective scale.

  • Gastiele is also home to the Alchemy branch of the Mage’s College.  

  • Gastiele’s relationship with the Empire is relatively friendly these days, though they don’t have a ton of interaction. It’s a well known rumor that Gastiele has spies at the highest levels in Aldarian government.


The Tarn Confederacy


  • A confederation of various tiny nations, clans, and such, that united to oppose Imperial expansion.

  • Due to the geographical location, it was difficult for the Empire to conquer. Most of the confederacy is made up of island nations and those that are on the mainland are on the opposite side of the Tuul Jungle, which is all but impassable for large groups.

  • Each of the individual nations governs itself. Nation / Clan leaders are able to call a moot where all leaders are bound to attend. These may only be called under dire circumstances however.

  • Most of the nations get along well enough, though there is sometimes minor skirmishes and bickering. One thing these nations can all agree on is that the Empire is not to be trusted.

  • People from the Empire and Gastiele see people from the Confederacy as being backward or simple, but that is an incredible oversimplification. While they may not be as technologically advanced or live in grand cities, each nation in the confederacy has it’s own deep culture.

  • Mysticism and magic prevail in these nations. While they do worship the traditional pantheon, their worship is slightly different. They see each god as an aspect of nature, rather than the other way around. In many cases, the term Druid and Priest go hand in hand.

  • It is rumored that one of the many islands in the Confederacy houses the Mage’s College’s school of Necromancy, though if it does, it is well hidden.

The Nations

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