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The Way Finders - These are group of druids, nomads, and nature lovers who believe in finding a spiritual awakening through living one with nature or The Way. They believe if you live as one with the land you will reach a spiritual enlightened state and be granted wisdom and eternal happiness. This religion is looked down upon by those from towns and cities. The people who practice it are seen as beggars, nature-loving freaks, hermits, and often times just weird, but it’s still popular in many farms, small villages and areas where there is much wilderness.

The Church of Aldar - The Church of Aldar is the official religion of the Aldar empire, for which it is named. It worships Aldar, God of the Sun, Righteous Judgement, Rulers, and Protection. Everyone within the Empire is…encouraged…to worship Aldar. Worship of other gods is permissible, but they really want you to put Aldar first. Almost everyone in the Empire at least pays lip service to avoid persecution.

The Church of Elastra - Elastra is the ‘wife’ of Aldar, though pre-Empire teachings had her more as just a friend with benefits. She is the Goddes of the Moon, Seas, Dreams, and Prophecy. Elastra worship used to go hand in hand with worship of Aldar. It was said that she would see who was meant to rule and Aldar would bless them. With the founding of the Empire however, the new Church of Aldar stopped talking about Elastra’s importance. Many believe that she has lost importance, as Aldar has chosen this Empire as the one true Empire.

The Cult of Dal – While not exactly a church, Dal is the son of Aldar and Elastra. He is not openly worshipped and the Church of Aldar openly decried him as evil. He is the god of Darkness and Shadows, but according to his followers, also the god of Freedom (Anarchy?) and Passion.

The Church of Runir – While Runir is not the most popular deity, they are highly respected in all civilizations. Runir is the god of craftsman, artisans, artists, and muse. It’s said that when they world was created, it was Runir who turned the boring lump of earth into a beautiful masterpiece. Runir’s gender is something that has always been debated, so Runir is typically referred to by gender neutral pronouns by the priesthood.

The Church of Vela – Another relatively small church, Vela is the Goddess of Magic, Knowledge (secrets), and Luck / Fate. She’s worshipped mainly by mages and scholars, though there is also talk of her being the patron goddess of thieves and rogues as well. Her church, however, does not support that. Vela is said to be the sister of Elastra.

The Church of Olo – Probably the largest church aside from Aldar and Elastra. Olo is the god of Agriculture, Alcohol, and Joyous Celebration. One of the most important holidays of the year is Olo’s Feast. A three day festival of feasting, drinking, and partying down. He is the patron God of the Brewer’s Guild. He is said to be Aldar’s brother. While Aldar is considered the God of Kings (and King of Gods), Olo is often referred to the God of Peasants.

The Cult of Worona – Less of a church and more of a cult, Worona worship is not common. Many pay lip service to her out of fear, but few are true worshippers. Worona is the goddess of Death and Cold. Worona herself is considered an evil goddess by most, though certain scholars would argue that Death itself isn’t evil. It just is. She is said to be without mercy or compassion. She is also highly regarded by necromancers and others who play with such forces.

The Church of Aella – The church of Aella is an interesting and eclectic group. Many are druids and citizens of the Tarn Confederacy. Aella is the goddess of Storms, Disasters, Chaos, and Nature. Her believers do not seek to create chaos, but rather to help people rise up above it. They believe that things like natural disasters happen to strengthen those who survive them. They are in no way cruel or evil, they just believe that this is the natural order of things.


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