Scuttling Through the Forest
Session #4

About 2.5 weeks into the expedition. Work has begun on the Settlement. Most are still sleeping in tents, though permanent buildings are under construction. Critical to this construction was a new lumber mill being built on the edge of the Great Forest. Several days into construction, the men working on it returned to the Settlement. All were injured and one was missing, supposedly taken in the middle of the night. A small posse, comprised of of Asa (Kimmi), Turin (Josh),  Passa (Dom), Deputy Corrin, and Amber and Bill's characters whose names I currently forget, was sent to investigate, with Asa having the secondary objective of assessing the damage to the equipment at the Mill.

It wasn't long after the group arrived that they discovered the entrance to a strange tunnel large enough for them to walk through two abreast. Noting the drag marks and small bits of blood here and there, it was obvious that the missing woodsman had be taken down into this tunnel. While following the underground passages, the group came to a fork in the road. In one direction they could see sunlight and resolved to check it out after finding the missing woodsman (the blood and drag marks led in the opposite direction). 

Eventually, the party came into a large chamber with an extremely strange creature living within. Dubbed the Cave Scuttler by Asa, the creature seemed like a cross between a giant centipede and giant scorpion. At over 20 feet long, the beast was a truly terrifying sight to behold. It was hovering over the missing woodsman protectively, but attacked when it noticed the group. During the battle, our heroes learned why Walter (the Woodsman) had been taken. Baby Scuttlers came slithering out of his body, joining their mother in attacking the intruders. After a grueling battle, the party was victorious, even managing to heal the woodsman thanks to some skilled potion making on the part of Bill's character.

Heading back, they resolved to check the branching path that led out to sunlight. Not far from the entrance of the burrow, they stumbled across the remains of a camp. Obviously this had been a camp of some of the explorers previously sent to survey the continent, but despite their tents and supplies being mostly undisturbed, there was no sign of the explorers. Turin found a beat up journal, but before they could search the campsite further, the group was attacked by what appeared to be a man covered head to toe in rags, wielding a long wicked looking knife. In a flash, the assailant badly wounded Passa and also managed to completely incapacitate Corin with a nasty slash across the belly. After inflicting these wounds, the man ran. Asa and Turin gave chase, with Asa taking shots at him to try and slow him down. After Asa delivered a crippling shot to the man's knee, Turin finally caught up to him, burying his axe in the head of the prone man. As Turin landed the killing blow, there was a Wumph and flash of light where his axe connected. The next thing anyone knew, all that was there was a pile of rags where the man's body should have been.

Nobody was sure what had happened but between Walter and the serious injuries the others had suffered, they were in no shape to stick around and find out. With it getting dark, the group decided to take shelter in the half built mill, but their adventures weren't over yet. 

Early the next morning, Corin noticed some strange sounds coming from outside the mill. While he couldn't see what was making the noises, whatever it was sounded big. Turin was the first to wake and rather than wait for the rest of his companions, went to investigate on his own. As the rest of them were waking up and getting ready to go and back him up, they heard Turin yelling. Rushing to their friend's aid, the party found him on the ground having his face licked by a large creature. It was reminiscent of a buffalo, but with large ram-like horns, and disturbing goat-like eyes that moved independently of each other like a chameleon's. Most importantly though, they seemed extremely docile. Even friendly. Sensing an opportunity, the group rounded up the beasts and herded them back to the settlement to be used as beasts of burden. The Gruffalos didn't seem to mind.

Session #3

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Session #3 (January, 20th, 2017)

Gm’d by Josh

A week after the events most of the group left the beach to begin establishing the permanent settlement up the river. They left a small outpost on the beach for receiving shipments, new residents, and to keep a general lookout on the coast.

During this week interlude, Solara (Sam) was attacked by some wildlife on a patrol. It was a small venomous snake-like creature, with two front legs with flaps that could turn into wing-like structures allowing it to glide. Since there is no known version of this creature on Dresuin, the Old Continent, Solara dubbed it the Sail Snake. It’s venom caused Solara to have intense pain in the wound, but it didn’t cripple or seriously maim her. She easily dispatched of it.

Lazarus, the head laborer, whose job it is to organize the workers and assign tasked made a labor group out of Solara, Doran (Mike), Sirrin (Grant),

Trouble on the Beach
Session #2 - While the scouting party was out.

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Session #2 (January 14th, 2017)

GM’d by Mike

Odessa Delavan (Angie), a talented human actress (and liar) who everyone believes is here as an anthropologist, Bryce Quimbell, a human doctor and herbalist from Gastiele who harken to magical and godly solutions, Feliah Worthal (Kelly), a blind and blessed priestess of Elastra Roffelos (Dennis), a half-elf Druid who only recently was introduced to the “civilized” world, Taboras (Molly), a Lance Corporal in the Remnants, woman of few words, and expert archer, Turin Wainwright (Josh), a huge human hedge knight and Lance Corporal in the Remnants, all found themselves at the same campfire after landing.

They shared their campfire with a salty, but friendly sailor named Sal who let them drink from his own personal stock of Tarn Rum.
The next morning, Turin awoke to find that his axe, an old family heirloom, had gone missing.
With the help of his new friends, Turin began investigating. While it was clear to them that someone had come and gone from Turin’s tent, it was impossible to distinguish any clear tracks with how many people had traipsed around the camp. It seemed that the next logical step was to file a formal complaint with the settlement’s Marshal, Ceremy Lattimer, a gruff and rather unfriendly dwarf who advised the group to go about their daily duties and allow him and his men to handle the investigation.

Several hours later, when many people were breaking from their assigned duties for lunch, a commotion started over near Turin’s tent. There had been a break in the case of the missing axe when it was found buried in the skull of a man he’d be drinking with the night before, hidden in his tent. Something else of note, was a strange grapefruit sized orb half buried in the victim’s hollowed out chest, swirling with red arcane energies. Confronted by the Governor and the Marshal, Turin was taken into custody and his friends brought along for questioning as well.

After a brief bit of question, the Gov. determined that Turin was not involved and that the use of his axe was most likely just to distract everyone and foster distrust. He explained to Turin and Co. that the orb in the man’s chest was known as a Thelastran Orb. A rare artifact (only 10 in the world and only 3 of them located) typically used for extremely powerful dark magicks. Unfortunately, the Orb was unable to be touched or moved by anyone except the one who started the spell. When the Gov. asked who else they’d be drinking with the night prior (due to alcohol currently being off limits), Rofellos unwittingly ratted out Sal as the one who’d snuck the booze. They were free to go.

Shortly before daybreak the next morning, alarm bells sounded and the shouts of settlers roused the group. They were under attack. The group grabbed their weapons and donned their armor and met the rest of the fighting forces on the beach where they were called. Striding from the water were the legionaries whose ship had sunk. It appeared that none of them had survived. Bloated and pale from their time in the water, the zombie soldiers marched forward, armed and armored. While they weren’t particularly skilled at fighting, the zombies were tougher than expected to put down. After a long and drawn out battle, the monsters were finally put down. Unfortunately 17 settlers were lost including the couple of deputies who were tasked with protecting the orb, which was stolen during the commotion.

The mood throughout the camp was somber, but not broken. In fact, this horrible attack seemed bring the remaining survivors even closer together.

Several days later, the group was approached again by the Gov. with disturbing news. Apparently, they’d investigated Sal to discipline him, and realized that he was on none of the ship’s manifests. In fact, he and at least 5 others confirmed to have been in camp, were not on the lists of sailors or settlers. It appeared that they fled camp during the attack. Hunters were sent to pursue them, but lost their trail in the mountains. While the purpose of Sal and his friends remain unclear, it’s obviously that it’s probably not good.


Important points (TLDR):

  1. Party drinks Tarn Rum with Sal, a sailor.

  2. Turin wakes up and his axe, a family heirloom is missing.

  3. Party can’t find sign of axe and report it to Marshall Ceremy.

  4. A dead body of a random sailor is found at Turin’s tent w/ his axe embedded in it’s skull and a magical orb in his chest.

  5. The Governor takes the party in for questioning, but clears Turin knowing he doesn’t have the magic handle a Thelastran Orb.

  6. A few hours later there is an attack on the beach and the party is called to fight.

  7. The Legionnaires that died on the shipwreck were attacking the beach as zombies.

  8. The party and the rest of the soldiers defeated the undead legion. There were a total of 17 casualties.

  9. The men guarding the Thelastran Orb were found dead and the orb dissapeared.

  10. After an investigation it was found that Sal and a number of others weren’t on the ship’s registry and that they disappeared during the undead attack.

Scouting the Settlement
Session #1 - Day 3?

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Session #1 (January 11th, 2017)

GM’D by Josh

Doran Vaokor (Mike), a half-elf alchemist and member of the Brewer’s Guild, Corrin Oakfield (Dawn), a roguish hobbit and Deputy Marshall, Sirrin (Grant), a human wizard and skilled cartographer, Asa, a human gunsmith and engineer, Solara Zol (Sam), a human barbarian and member of the Bloodwolves, and Griffin Samhradh (Christian) a half-elf wizard and member of the Seekers are all selected to scout out the chosen place for settlement to see if it’s safe.

Traveling with them is the human Tony Urbanista, Asa’s boss and the expedition’s head of town planning and development, the half-elf, Sebastian Urbanista, Tony’s morbid nephew and an expert surveyor, the human, Fantasia “Fanny” Fidelius, the slightly senile, but extremely able farmer, and the dwarven Gwenever Longstalk, Griffin’s veteran partner from the Seeker’s and sultry temptress. They also had a small contingent of guards.

Before leaving for this scouting mission, the group heard news of an expedition boat containing a contingent of 40 capable Legionnaires being destroyed before arriving. There are no evident survivors.

During the party’s trip to the chosen spot for settlement, they heard a group of voices calling out for help in Aldarian, the common tongue. Knowing of know natives, they thought it could be some explorers that were sent here previously that went missing. They formed a search line and cautiously approached them. It turned out these were a group of predatory animals called Wargs. They looked as if a hyena and dire wolf had bred. They were able to imitate human speech to an eerie degree. They attack the party, but were dispatch. The party had no casualties.

When they reached the chosen location for settlement Fanny, Tony, and Sebastian quickly went to work and eventually approved the location. While they did their work, the party explored and discovered a strange metal hand poking out out the ground. They found it was connected to something that was buried. After unburying it, it seemed to belong to a large steel statue and it had a faint magical aura to it. It was what the university would call a “Construct.” Basically, it’s a magical golem which is a statue made to come to life and due the spellcasters’ bidding. After a few moments it came to life and began to attack the party. After it was defeated, it exploded. The fight and subsequent explosion took the lives of two out of the four guards that came with them. Doran kept the intact head of the Construct after purchasing it from Sirrin who recovered it. There was no signs of anymore Constructs, magic, or spellcasters nearby.


Important points (TLDR):

  1. Group of 40 Legionnaires died in a storm before arriving, their boat destroyed.

  2. Party went on expedition to approve chosen settlement location.

  3. Party attacked by Wargs who can imitate speech. THey were defeated.

  4. Settlement location reached and was approved.

  5. Party unearth magical metal Golem called a “Construct”

  6. Party defeats construct, but loses three guards.Head of construct is recovered intact.

  7. No other signs of Constructs or magic found in the immediate vicinity.

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