Turin Wainwright

A huge human Knight of the Verdant Lance and a Lance Corporal of the Remnants


Name: (Ser) Turin Wainwright
Age: 25
Occupations: Knight and Remnant Soldier
Associations: Order of the Crimson Lance (member), Remnants (member), Alveera (home province), Natus (hometown),
Physical description: 6’6” 280lbs, well-muscled, bright red and wavy, long, windswept hair and matching beard of medium length but well kept. Icy blue eyes. Some battle scars on his body, but not many.
Personality: Kind, self-righteous, overconfident, outgoing.
Important Items: His horse, Olivræ, his Battlaxe, which is a family heirloom, his lance, and his shield emblazoned with the symbol of the Order of the Crimson Lance.
Important People: Lara Soeng/Wainwright (Mother & Wizard/Adventurer), Garin Wainwright (Father & Blacksmith), Griffin (Good friend & Seeker), Doran (school rival & Alchemist), Ser Morlan (Mentor, Knight of the Crimson Lance, and low noble)

Turin Wainwright grew up in the eastern Aldarian province of Alveeran in the merchant town of Natus. His father, Garin Wainwright, was blacksmith of moderate success and was on the councillor in the town. His mother, Lara (Maiden Name, Soeng) Wainwright, was a skilled wizard and a retired adventurer. His father taught him to always stick up for himself and for those who couldn’t protect themselves and his mother always taught him to strive for greatness. Those were the two things most instilled in him.
When he was twelve years of age, Turin was sent to the University to become a wizard after expressing interest in following his mother’s footsteps. This is where he met Griffin Samhradh. They were fast friends and dormed together. At school, Turin stood out because, he was tall, gangly, and had a fiery red hair, like his mother, and vivid icy blue eyes. These are ere rare traits especially in the heart of the Empire. It didn’t help that he struggled in his studies. Griffin did his best to help him, Turin just didn’t have the appitude for magic. He could understand magical theory alright, but when it came to the actual practice and practical application of magic he floundered. This led to him being ostracized by many, but Griffin remained his closest friend. Turin did find some haven in the accsess to the University’s archives. He took a great interest in books on battles and war tactics. Eventually, he began to imagine himself as a great commander of spellcasting forces.
After about a year and a half of schooling, Turin was forced to leave after failing to have barely any proficiency in magic. He also got in trouble for getting into several fistfights. This didn’t help his record and was used as a the final reason to push him out of schooling. Most of the fights he got in where protecting smaller, weaker students who couldn’t defend themselves from bullies, sometimes though he was simply defending himself. Being an abnormally tall and large child, he used his size to his advantage in fights.
After failing out of the University, he decided to squire for the knights of Blessed Defenders. He figured that since they vowed themselves to Aldar they must be protectors of the weak and innocent and he also believed that he could gain the skills he needed to be a great commander like he had begun to dream of in the University. But after about a year of squiring for the so-called Defenders, he started to have his doubts.
Turin began to realize that they would protect those who were loyal to Aldar and the Church and would mercilessly attack and harass those who didn’t pay their lip service to Aldar whether they were innocent or not. They extorted for the Church, acting more like armed enforcers than noble knights. Even though Turin was a faithful believer in Aldar, as he was raised to be, he also was a strong believer in tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs. This was especially true after all the years of being picked on in the University for failing his studies and his appearance.
He finally left the Blessed Defenders and cursed them for failing to uphold the protection of the people, after witnessing an extremely disturbing experience. He saw the knight he was squiring for, Sir Fillian the Holy, beating a man to lameness in front of his children for speaking blasphemy, He swore to never join a group if they weren’t a force for good.
After the Defenders, he searched for a worthy knight and order to vow himself to. His dreams of becoming a great commander and defender of the innocent had not died. He found a lowly hedge knight by the name of Sir Moran Altear. He was the fourth son of a noble lord and a soldier during a minor war with the Tarn Confederacy when one of its nations attempted to invade the lower peninsula of the Aldar Empire.
Sir Moran was the part of the Order of the Crimson Lance, which was once a well renowned order known for its kindness and valor, but had eventually fell into obscurity since it had happened to be on the wrong side of some long-forgotten war. As the order fell, so did Moran. Now a washed up hedge knight, Moran needed a squire to help him with his tasks. Even though he was no longer the great knight he used to be, Turin respected that he still lived by the code of the Crimson Lance and was impressed with how truly honorable and good their tenets were. After years of traveling with Moran as his squire and assistant where they trained and worked for lords who called for the aid of knights, Moran had a stroke and could no longer travel or do his knightly duties. Turin helped him home to his family’s noble house and as a reward for his faithful service Moran swore him into the Order making Turin an official knight. He gave him his armor, shield, and scarlet lance. He also spent what little money he had left to buy Turin a new warhorse. Turin named the dark brown warhorse, Olivræ, after a warrior from the folklore and history of Turin’s homeland of Alveeran. He and his horse were now without a master and without a home, so he roamed the countryside of the Aldar Empire, selling his sword to those who needed it and offering the services of a noble knight to those in need.
Eventually, he crossed paths in a tavern with a familiar half-elf whom he realized was none other than his good friend Griffin. Griffin was in the middle of questing for his focus item, a trail all young wizards must go through to graduate. Turin decided to hitch his horse with his old friend and help him with his magely quest. They had many adventures, but when Griffin achieved his goal they had to part ways. Griffin was to return to the University and Turin, no longer interested in the magical studies, could not come with him.
Left with nothing, but his faithful horse, his lance and sword, and his armor, Turin turned to what he knew best to make a living: fighting. He considered his options. He knew that the Blood Wolves were no fit. They were too brutal for him. His vows to the Crimson Lance required him to offer mercy before blood and he knew he couldn’t count on the Blood Wolves to allow him that opportunity. The Wandering Ones only accepted those of noble blood and he could not prove he was descended of nobility. He didn’t have the documentation to prove it and he wouldn’t fake it. He could never make such a deception. He could join the Legions of the Imperial Army. He’d be a defender of the people, but he didn’t like the idea of not being able to leave his post or decide not follow orders he saw as unjust. He considered joining the guard or watch of some city. He nearly did it. It was good, respectable, and honest work. It was the kind of work his father would be proud of and they would be glad to take a strong fighter like him. He could probably even become a captain within a few short years, but Turin wanted something more. His mother’s passion for adventure and exploration burned inside of him. He was still young and he wanted to see the world.
That left him with one option: The Remnants. They were the underdogs of the sellsword world and although they weren’t exactly noble, they at least didn’t take dirty jobs, unless you meant literally dirty. After a few years of working as a Remnant, he finally began to move up the ranks. Happy to finally no longer be a private and hoping to make a name for himself, he signed up to be a part of the group of Remnants that were hired by the Tarn Confederacy to go on the Expedition.

Turin Wainwright

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