Rofellos Neldor (Strongoak)

Half-elf Druid with Insect Familiar/Insect Based Powers


Hindrances: Clueless (Major), Big Mouth, Loyal, Outsider, Poverty, Vow

Specialties: Knowledge (Nature), Spirit (Channeling), Survival, Tracking, Athletics, Stealth

Powers (Trappings):

  • Elemental Manipulation (e.g. summon drinking water or a small flame)
  • Healing (summon mystical maggots and silkworms to heal wounds)
  • Burrow (melds into the earth by dissolving into an array of insects for unimpeded travel/escape)
  • Burst (AKA Wasp Mouth; summon a large stream of wasps directed at foe from the mouth)
  • Fear (AKA Spider Time; summon an array of spiders toward a foe in an attempt to do them a frighten).

Beyond this point is character description and backstory

Character Description:

24 y.o, 6’2’’, 180 lbs., long braided hair and white-blonde in color, pale skin, lightweight musculature, wears insect armor, carries large bone spear with a scorpion stinger point and a sharpened bone hunting knife at waist. Seen with a cave scuttler (named Scutt) as an insect familiar.

Familiar Description:

Wild Card with attributes and skills. Looks like a cross between a scorpion and a centipede. Current size: as thin as an average man’s arm and as long as a mid-size dog. Weapons/Powers include: Pincers, Stinger, Poison, and Burrow.

Emotional Description (back to Rofellos):

Outsider looking for acceptance. No concept of money (a shopkeeper offers a batch of apples for 10g and Rofellos hands them 100g and asks if it’s enough). Can count the number of people he has had interaction with in his lifetime on one hand, so is not likely to pick up on sarcasm nor social cues. Once in a conversation, will say whatever comes to mind to keep interest in the conversation going. Very intelligent only to the ways of nature, can get a sense of people (good/evil) and their intentions (not oblivious to everything), but can be easily fooled by deception.


Born just outside the southern section of Tuul Jungle in a small village of the Tarn Con. Raised by human father, Durlan, (elven mother, Sheera, never met) until age 12 (father killed while hunting). No known siblings or other immediate family. At age 12, was brought under the guidance and influence of the druid Alea where Rofellos learned his arcane powers of elemental manipulation and connection to nature and its creatures. Became akin to the many creatures of the Tuul Jungle; specifically the insects.

Alea worked with the Governor for many years in his dealings in Tarn; helping in his notorious slaying of the dragon Thrixxus. The Governor had contacted Alea looking for two druids that would join the settlers campaign, to which she and Rofellos accepted. The Governor came to the secluded hut of Alea and her apprentice only to find that Alea had died days before arriving; leaving Rofellos to join the campaign alone.

Rofellos Neldor (Strongoak)

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