• Asa Iguana

    Asa Iguana

    Young professional looking for her next big adventure
  • Feliah Worthal

    Feliah Worthal

    Priestess of Elastra and Healer
  • Griffin Samhradh

    Griffin Samhradh

    A Seeker, sent to the new continent to make sure the laws of Magic are being upheld. The Magic Partner of the Seeker Duo
  • Rofellos Neldor (Strongoak)

    Rofellos Neldor (Strongoak)

    Half-elf Druid with Insect Familiar/Insect Based Powers
  • Tabbris LeVane

    Tabbris LeVane

    40, 5'4, 120 lbs, black hair, one yellow eye and one green
  • Turin Wainwright

    Turin Wainwright

    A huge human Knight of the Verdant Lance and a Lance Corporal of the Remnants
  • Doran Vaokor

    Doran Vaokor

    A quick witted alchemist and heir to the Vaokor fortune.